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Online course - Performing BPOs as a professional

The lifestyle of a BPO agent is flexible. The broker takes as much work as he or she wants. After you build your reputation and start to rank higher then your competition you become a priority agent. Another words you are the go to person for quality BPOs. You get to work with NO BOSS! Plus from my experience, most orders are gives a 48 hour due date. An order that takes 1 hour to do, price paid is $40, with a due date of 48 hours! when you have work, you can push it back a day and take the day off or work half the day and half tomorrow. BPOs has truly given me a flexible work schedule.

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What is a Broker Price opinion (BPO)

What is it?

When a person takes out a loan on a house, a time comes when the bank wants to know that there investment is worth. At that time a BPO request going out to realtors who are in the system to perform this type of work. In short, the realtor who is hired gives a value on the property.

How to get more BPOs

Agents with the best ratings get the most work! Quality is a priority, the less orders that get returned along with due takes being met will rank you higher then your competition. In short, consistently do the best quality work.

Why does the Lender want to Know the Value?

Often times the realtor does not know, but some of the reasons could be Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Loan Modification. In short, the lender wants to know what his property is worth.

What if I need a sick day?

With BPOs you work where you want, when you want. If you need to take off a sick day, just don't take any work. BPO orders are competitive, therefore someone else will take the order instead. In short, take time off when you want and for how long you want.

How does the Lender hire?

When the lender wants to hire a broker, a request is sent to an asset management company. Then the asset management company sends the orders out to brokers on there platform. In short, brokers need to sign up with asset management companies to get work. I personally have worked with over 20.

How to beat competition?

Usually orders get accepted within 10 seconds. You need to act FAST! To beat competition you will need to have orders texted to your phone. My texting strategy is addressed in the course. In short, you need to be quick.

Learning Objectives

So many academic goals that we expect you to achieve.


Improved skills on property valuation and BPO knowledge, so that you could perform better.

Self Learning

The most important thing we expect that you will be able to learn to perform BPOs on your own.


Get knowledge on how I perform BPOs so that you could improve your productivity, skill and speed.

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